Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sarah's Pinwheel Tutorial

 Hello all our crafty friends! I hope you're all enjoying our new blog challenge. I really enjoyed making my inspiration card for this challenge, it was lovely and summery and finished off with a spinning pinwheel. I had never made one before and decided to do a little tutorial on it so you could make one too! Here goes......

Firstly you need to decide on a paper to use. A double sided paper looks best and it needs to be quite lightweight so it bends into shape easily. Decide what size you would like to pinwheel to finish (I went for 3 inches) and cut a square of paper that size. Punch a hole in the centre.

Draw a line from each corner into the centre of the paper, stopping half an inch from the hole and then carefully cut with a craft knife or scissors. Punch holes in all 4 corners, making sure that you punch the hole in the same corners, either left or right of your cut lines.

To make the pinwheel stick cover a straw with a strip of pretty paper. It's best to put some double sided tape on the strip of paper and then carefully wrap around the straw. Punch a small hole about half an inch from the top.

Take a pretty brad that matches your paper and fold each corner into the centre so that all the holes match up and push the brad through to secure.

Finally, push the brad through the hole in the top of the straw and push the brad ends apart loosely so that everything holds in place but the pinwheel and still move around. Match your card elements to your pinwheel and then get creating!

I hope you find this useful and I will be back soon with some more ideas for you.

Happy crafting!
Sarah xx

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